ALYTUS CUP 2023.08.18-19-20
Miesto garbės piliečio Jono Jonuškos atminimo turnyras


Dear colleagues in the handball of Baltic states, our neighbors! Please welcome to ALYTUS CUP 2023 international tournament. Tournament will take place in Alytus, Lithuania on 18-20 August, 2023.


I. Aim and objectives
1. To determine the winners of the International Men‘s handball tournament „Alytus cup“.
2. To honour the memory of Mr. Jonas Jonuška.
3. To spread and make men‘s handball more popular in Lithuania and Baltic states region.
4. To enhance cooperation among men‘s handball teams from Baltic states, EU, etc.
II. Participants of the tournament
5. Men‘s handball teams from Lithuania, Baltic states and neighbours countries.
III. Registration
6. Teams registration for the tournament will be closed on 20 June 2023.
IV. Organisation of the tournament.
7. The tournament will be held on 18-20 August, 2023 in Alytus (South Lithuania).
8. Premeetings of club managers will take place on 18 August, 2023 at 10.00-12.00 am in
the office premises (next to the Alytus arena SRC sports hall).
V. System of the tournament
9. The system of the organization of the tournament will be developed after the teams
finally confirmation (registration) window is closed.
10. All matches will be organised in accordance with EHF rules.
11. The teams will play 1-2 matches per day.
12. Referee assignment for the tournament schedule is a responsibility of the arbiter of
„Alyus cup“.
VI. Accommodation
13. The tournament for the better prices booking cooperates with the hotels, apartments and hostels.
VII. Awards
14. The winners of the tournament will be awarded by Alytus city municipality and others
„Alytus cup" tournament supporters.
15. The best and highest-scoring players will get special prizes.

Finally confirmation (registration) from teams we are waiting till 20th of July 2023 by email, more information by phone +37061124485, +37060444141.

All the information would be found on, Facebook, Youtube and etc.